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Pregnant Sex...

We're All Doing "IT"

The Beauty of Sex During Pregnancy
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(This community is not a fetish community, it is a respectable community dedicated to pregnant women and their concerns/experiences with sexual relations between them and their significant other. Please be aware that there are no nude pictures or role playing games in this community. If a fetish/role playing/or nude picture community is what you are seeking, we suggest you seek some place else, this is not that kind of community. Thank you~ The Mods)

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Pregnant? Having sex? Afraid to talk about it?

Don't be! Here is your chance to talk candidly about sex during your pregnancy. Nothing here is TMI (too much info).

Got complaints? Got suggestions? Got a juicy story?

Let's share it. No more LJ-Cuts because it's TMI, now you can talk about what we all do... HAVE SEX!

Don't you think it's funny that we all do it, but are embarrassed to talk about it> Well, let's not be.

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A few rules :

1) Be Respectful

No question/comment is "stupid."

2) Post advertisements only once

Please put it behind a cut for the sake of our friends page

3) Advice

If you ask for advice, be aware that you may get advice that differs from what you want to hear.

4) Photos

All photos need to be behind a cut WITH a description of what they are, so members can decide if they should look.

5) Contacting Moderators

If you have a problem or concern, PLEASE bring it to the attention of the mods by posting here. (All posts are moderated and not viewable by anyone BUT the Mods.)


There are many communities dedicated to pregnant issues OTHER then sex... here are some great communities:

(For women/men who are TTC and expecting.)

(A rating community)

(Mothers dealing with eating disorders)

(Dedicated to moms of boys)

(Dedicated to moms of girls)

(Dedicated to everything dealing with being a parent)

(For women who love their men)

And please.. this community is


( If you recently noticed you don't have access to this community anymore and you want to know why, please make a post here to ask a MOD why you have been removed from the community.)